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Things that can go wrong with your Boat Trailers

Today we want to talk about the main problems that arise with boat trailers and how they can be prevented. Lighting on Boat Trailers Boat trailer lights often fail due to the harsh environments [...]

Pontoon boat trailers

Bunk Style Pontoon boat trailers It has bunks that hold each toon in place. The toons are placed in the bunks and are less susceptible to swaying and shifting while towing down the road. [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Boat trailer maintenance

What can I do to make sure my boat trailer is properly maintained? BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, Aluminum Boat Trailers recommends regular maintenance during the boating season as follows: Lights, wiring, coupler action, safety [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Frequently asked questions about boat trailers

Should I rinse my trailer after use? A fresh water rinse can prolong the life of the trailer. This will minimize the amount of time saltwater remains on vulnerable components such as hardware and [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

How can I measure my trailer axle?

All axles shall have a hub surface a track dimension and/or a brake flange dimension. Spring axles will have a spring center measurement. When you need to replace an axle, it is very important [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Troubleshooting Tire Wear Problems

Improper tire pressure is often one of the causes of uneven tire wear. The second most common reason in an overloaded trailer. Exceeding the capacity of the trailer will cause many issues along with [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Our Pontoon trailers

Our pontoon trailers are built for a variety of pontoon boat sizes. We build trailers based on your needs. Select single, tandem or single axle trailers depending on your transportation needs, boat size and [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Boat trailer tips

The winch straps should be inspected and replaced if they show signs of fraying, chafing or discoloration. If you think you might break a strap when pulling the boat onto the trailer, you may [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Maintenance of your boat trailer brakes

Most states require brakes to be installed on trailers with a gross weight of 3,000 pounds or more. Disc brakes offer more stopping power. Your boat trailer brakes can be actuated with a surge [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Proper boat trailer maintenance

Boat trailer maintenance is a simple task. However, if you ignore little details, you may be disappointed in the future. Your boat trailer should give you years of service, but you should perform regular [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Tips for your boat trailer

The ability to tow your boat opens up a world of adventures on board. Be prepared: When buying a new boat, don't skimp on the boat trailer ... remember that your boat will spend [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Benefits of the torsion axle

Maintenance free The torsion axle has a very simple design, utilizing rubber cords and an inner rod, rather than the large variety of parts found in a spring axle. The simplicity of this design [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

How to Select Your Boat Trailer

When selecting a boat trailer for your needs, remember to consider the following important specifications: LOAD CAPACITY Take into consideration the weight of the trailer. The trailer weigh has to be deducted from the [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Should I choose an aluminum boat trailer?

There are two materials from which to build a boat trailer: steel and aluminum. Obviously, steel is usually stronger, but because it is a ferrous metal, it will rust. Aluminum if not properly cared [...]

  • Boat trailer | Oakland Park, Florida

Safety of your boat trailer

When going on a long trip, we at BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS recommend that your boat be securely tied down. Just as we use seat belts, we suggest that you secure your boat and that [...]

  • Boat trailer | Oakland Park, Florida

Boat trailers for sale

When we go to buy boats, we look at the boat in detail. We examine its condition and whether it will meet our needs. On the other hand, we probably don't pay as much attention [...]

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