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The boat trailer you need

Have you ever felt lost when looking for a boat trailer? There are so many types, shapes, materials, and brands that among so much information it is difficult to choose the right trailer. There may [...]

  • Boat trailer rims

Boat trailer rims: some of the most common questions

Every boater knows it: rims are a luxury accessory that can greatly enhance the appearance of your trailer. Read this post if you want to know more about this fabulous accessory. Aluminum or steel: which [...]

Aluminum vs steel boat trailers

When looking for a boat trailer, sooner or later the question arises: Which boat trailer is better: aluminum or steel? Although both materials are good, each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we [...]

  • Boat Trailer Miami

What you should know about boat trailer brakes

In this post we will conduct a useful question and answer session on the categories into which boat trailer brakes are classified, one of the most complex and important accessories of your boat trailer. What [...]

  • Travel safely in your boat trailer

Travel safely in your boat trailer

Have you just bought your boat trailer and are preparing for your first trip? We all know this exciting feeling. However, don't be blinded by enthusiasm and keep in mind that towing a boat [...]

Be careful with your trailer tires

We all know it: a boat trailer means being constantly attentive to all its accessories. One of the main accessories is the boat trailer tires. Sometimes there are users who trust and think that [...]

  • Small boat trailer

Tips for buying a small boat trailer

Are you looking for boat trailers for sale for your small boat? You are in the right place because we will give you some tips on how to buy the trailer that your small [...]

  • Protecting your boat trailer from corrosion

Protecting your boat trailer from corrosion

Every boater knows it: rust will attack your trailer at some point. This is inevitable since your boat trailer is permanently and constantly exposed to corrosive substances, mainly saltwater, sand and mud. But the [...]

  • Boat Trailer Sale

Things that can go wrong with your Boat Trailers

Today we want to talk about the main problems that arise with boat trailers and how they can be prevented. Lighting on Boat Trailers Boat trailer lights often fail due to the harsh environments [...]

Pontoon boat trailers

Bunk Style Pontoon boat trailers It has bunks that hold each toon in place. The toons are placed in the bunks and are less susceptible to swaying and shifting while towing down the road. [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Boat trailer maintenance

What can I do to make sure my boat trailer is properly maintained? BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, Aluminum Boat Trailers recommends regular maintenance during the boating season as follows: Lights, wiring, coupler action, safety [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

Frequently asked questions about boat trailers

Should I rinse my trailer after use? A fresh water rinse can prolong the life of the trailer. This will minimize the amount of time saltwater remains on vulnerable components such as hardware and [...]

  • Aluminum Boat trailers

How can I measure my trailer axle?

All axles shall have a hub surface a track dimension and/or a brake flange dimension. Spring axles will have a spring center measurement. When you need to replace an axle, it is very important [...]

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