Behind every boat trailer for sale, there is an important aspect that sometimes goes unnoticed and that is the suspension. A good suspension equals safety for your boat and comfort on the trip because the suspension system allows you to absorb the shocks of rough terrain, holes, speed bumps and any other obstacle on the road which provides stability to the trailer. Here we will talk about the two most popular suspension systems: spring axles and torsion axles.

First, spring axles are the most popular and economical. This type of axle consists of springs or flat steel plates that are tensioned and springy. Trailers usually have the axle suspended on springs which allows the trailer to be lower. This makes the trailer more stable and easier to load or unload.

A second type of suspension consists of torsion axles. Here the system is very different. Inside the axle tube is a system of long rubber cords with an inner bar to which the torsion arms are attached. In this way, when the wheel rides on unstable ground or over a mound, the inner bar compresses the rubber cords along its bearing surface, providing incredible shock absorption.

Either of these two systems is highly efficient and widely used. It all depends on taste and cost as the torsion axle is more expensive than the spring axle system. However, the latter may require more maintenance as the constant rubbing of metal parts deteriorates them while the torsion axle system has greater durability.

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