When we go to buy boats, we look at the boat in detail. We examine its condition and whether it will meet our needs. On the other hand, we probably don’t pay as much attention to the trailer as we should, which is interesting given the relationship between the amount of time the boat spends on it versus the amount of time it spends on the water.

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, we have the best boat trailers for sale and we want to dedicate this space to let you know some important aspects when choosing the perfect trailer for your needs in terms of size and type.

First is the size. Of course, the boat determines the size trailer you need. Dual axle trailers are nice, but they have twice as many tires that eventually need to be replaced. So, unless your boat is at least 20 feet or more, or excessively heavy, or you make a lot of long-distance trips with your boat, you can economize by going with a single-axle trailer.

However, if you make long trips, a dual-axle trailer is more stable at highway speeds, and if you get a flat on the highway, dual axles offer a measure of safety that you don’t get with a single-axle trailer. Dual axles distribute the load more effectively over the four-tire contact patches. Dual-axle trailers can also be equipped with brakes on both axles, which greatly reduces braking distance and improves safety.

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