Both torsion and suspensions have a record of reliability. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on your preference because both work very well in their own way.

Torsion axles

Are composed of thick rubber cords hidden in the axle tubing. As each wheel moves up and down, the rubber cords compress providing even wheel suspension for a smooth ride. Each wheel acts independently, moving and absorbing shock. Torsion axles are mounted directly to the frame, which means fewer moving parts compared to spring suspensions, resulting in a smoother shock action. This stiffens the frame and reduces flex.

This system is also less likely to corrode because the shaft tube is galvanized inside and out. There is no metal-to-metal action like springs, so the bare metal is not exposed, which prevents corrosion. There are fewer working parts in a torsion suspension, so less maintenance is required.

The disadvantages of torsion are that they are more expensive than spring suspensions and more expensive to repair or replace. There is also no impact distribution, so if you hit a curb, the full impact is on one wheel or a set of wheels.

Leaf springs

Have been used for centuries and have proven to have solid performance. This is the most widely used suspension system due to its affordability. Spring suspensions are the most reliable for even tire wear and stable ride, especially in multi-axle applications. Leaf springs better absorb the load of uneven terrain or bumps from a pothole. Each tire has its own set of springs. If you have to store your trailer on uneven terrain, independent wheel suspension means the trailer will hold up better over time. Spring suspensions are cheaper and easier to repair compared to torsion suspensions.

One disadvantage of springs is that the metal-on-metal design can lead to faster wear, leading to more frequent repairs. Spring suspensions also tend to be a bouncy ride with an empty load or on rough, uneven roads.

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