When looking for a boat trailer, sooner or later the question arises: Which boat trailer is better: aluminum or steel? Although both materials are good, each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will solve any questions.

Advantages of the aluminum boat trailer

Aluminum boat trailers are definitely preferred by boaters for three main reasons: aluminum is more resistant to corrosion, it is lighter and if you want to change it for another one, they sell better.

By default, aluminum is very resistant to the corrosive action of water, especially salt water. However, there are parts of the trailer that are not made of aluminum, such as the axles, hubs and bearings, tongue and winch post.

On the other hand, aluminum is lighter which makes driving safer, especially if your boat is heavy.

Finally, you will always be well paid for your aluminum trailer if you want to sell it. In other words, it does not depreciate in value as much as Steel trailers.

Advantages of the steel boat trailer  

Don’t think that aluminum boat trailers are the only ones that are resistant: steel boat trailers also resist moisture very well because many of them are galvanized. However, these types of trailers are recommended for fresh water.

If your budget is limited, Steel trailers are your best option because they are definitely cheaper than the aluminum ones.

You already have several elements to take into account when deciding which trailer to choose. Each material has its advantages and characteristics. You just have to identify which one best suits your needs.