Have you ever felt lost when looking for a boat trailer? There are so many types, shapes, materials, and brands that among so much information it is difficult to choose the right trailer. There may be some cheaper than others, but at the same time the cheapest ones are not always the most resistant. Here are some tips to help you decide better.

First of all, take note of what you need. To find out, take a look at your boat. Take note of the type of engine and hull design. This will help a lot because if you are searching online, you need to have the specs of the boat to identify the right trailer.

Secondly, look at the dimensions of the boat. This is helpful because the bigger the boat the bigger the trailer. In addition to this, if the boat is large, you must make sure that the trailer has adequate towing capacity.

With these two pieces of information, you can already discriminate the information. But there is a third variable. Does your boat weigh more or less between 1000 and 4000 pounds? Is your boat 20’ or smaller? Then this means that a single axle trailer will be sufficient. If your boat exceeds that weight and length,then look for tandem or triple axle trailers.

One last aspect to take into account is the type of waters you usually sail. If you mostly sail on the sea, it is best to discard steel and look for aluminum trailers: yes, they are more expensive but at the same time they are lighter and more resistant to corrosion. If you sail on lakes or any other fresh water, you may opt for steel trailers, which are a bit heavier, but cheaper.

However, keep in mind this last recommendation: whichever trailer you buy, you should take precautions such as washing after sailing and applying anti-corrosive, even on aluminum trailers, as they also have steel parts. You should also keep the rear lights and tire pressure in optimal condition.