Every boater knows it: rims are a luxury accessory that can greatly enhance the appearance of your trailer. Read this post if you want to know more about this fabulous accessory.

Aluminum or steel: which is better? 

You should know that both materials are very different. Aluminum is recommended if you submerge your trailer in salt water. Steel is also resistant because it is often galvanized although it is better for fresh water. You should also know that aluminum rims are more luxurious and can often be customized.

Is it possible to put bigger rims on the boat trailer?

It all depends on the space left in the fender, the trailer frame and axle spacing. If there is enough space left, you can put bigger wheels. If this requirement is met, experts recommend putting bigger wheels because they have better grip and the braking distance is shorter.

Are you thinking of buying wheels for your trailer? Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have more questions about this accessory.