Should I rinse my trailer after use?

A fresh water rinse can prolong the life of the trailer. This will minimize the amount of time saltwater remains on vulnerable components such as hardware and brakes before using your trailer for long-term storage.

When is the best time to check and add grease?

Generally, the hub is most prone to water infiltration when it is at operating temperature (warm to the touch) and submerged in ambient water while launching the boat. This will most likely occur during launching after a road tow. The water will rapidly cool the grease reservoir and cause the hot grease to contract causing water infiltration. This is the best time to add grease to displace water from bearings.

If towing a long distance, check the condition of the hub at each stop or fuel stop. Add grease as needed.

Do I have to add grease again at the end of the day when recovering my boat?

Generally no. Most of the time, the trailer has been put on the ramp and cooled down to match the ambient temperature. Under these conditions, very little, if any, water will penetrate the bearing cavity. However, if you must store your trailer several miles from the ramp while it is in the water, it may be wise to add grease again after recovery.

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