Boat trailers are made from different materials and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose depends on your budget and the type of water you sail. Boat trailers are typically made of galvanized steel, painted steel, or aluminum.

Painted Steel Boat Trailers

If you’re boating in freshwater, then painted steel trailers may be right for you. They are the most affordable trailers.

However, painted steel trailers also have their drawbacks. The main drawback is that these trailers easily corrode when exposed to salt water. Also, this type of trailer requires more maintenance and upkeep.

Over time, salt water will wear down the paint and the overall quality of the trailer.

Galvanized Steel Trailer

Galvanized steel trailers have a liquid zinc coating designed to keep corrosion and rust at bay. With this trailer, you can take your boat into both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The zinc coating makes galvanized steel trailers resistant to corrosion and oxidation. However, over time, this protection can wear away, exposing the steel underneath to corrosion.

For added durability and longevity, consider rinsing the galvanized steel trailer with fresh water after each use.

The downside to galvanized steel trailers is that they are more expensive. Also, they only come in the color gray and may not be appealing to some boaters.

These trailers also have a large impact on the weight of the trailer and the towing weight of the boat. Subsequently, the vehicle’s fuel usage can increase.

Aluminum boat trailers

are a popular choice with most boating enthusiasts. They are rust resistant, lightweight and easy to maneuver. Because their light weight reduces trailer weight, these trailers help improve fuel economy.

Aluminum boat trailers offer a wide variety of designs and colors making them ideal for most boat owners.

While aluminum boat trailers are a little more expensive than steel trailers, they are also more resistant.

Before choosing your boat trailer, evaluate the material it is made of and how it will impact the trailer and your towing capacity. Matching your trailer to the boat and the truck that will be towing the trailer is of utmost importance.

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