When it comes to brakes for your boat trailer, you need to know that there are different systems and types of brakes. This, along with boat trailer tires, are two of the most important accessories that every boater should know about. Did you know, for example, that brakes are recommended for boat trailers over 3,000 pounds? Take a look at this article to learn about this important accessory.

There are basically two kinds of brakes: electric or hydraulic brakes and override brakes. Both kinds of brakes are very efficient and there are a lot of good quality brands on the market. Let’s start with the electric or hydraulic ones.

This type of brakes has a pump located on the trailer which, after activating the brake pedal of the towing vehicle, activates the release of brake fluid to the calipers.

The override brakes, on the other hand, work on the basis of the relationship between the trailer and the towing vehicle. In other words, when the latter slows down the momentum of the moving trailer pushes the coupler and this is a signal to send brake fluid to the calipers to stop the trailer.

Now that we have seen how each one works, let’s move on to look at some technical aspects. First, if you opt for electric brakes, make sure your vehicle has a controller that allows you to monitor braking capacity. On the other hand, if you prefer overload brakes instead, you should know that they will only work if the hitch is compressed in the housing by the impulse.

Taking into account these technical aspects is key when choosing which type of brake to install on your boat trailer. Do not hesitate to contact our technical team who will advise you on everything related to brakes for your trailer.