Every boater knows it: rust will attack your trailer at some point. This is inevitable since your boat trailer is permanently and constantly exposed to corrosive substances, mainly saltwater, sand and mud. But the areas that we must make every effort to protect are the electrical part, the winch and the hitch.

If you have just bought your boat trailer or you are thinking of buying one, we recommend that you read the following useful tips so that corrosion does not turn your fishing day or your trip on the water into a nightmare.

Precautions to keep in mind

If you are just coming out of saltwater and you’re far from your home or a car wash, experts recommend that on the way back, you stop at the edge of a freshwater lake or a place with a water supply and rinse the trailer.

Once you are at home or at the car wash, wash the trailer thoroughly. Use a high-pressure spray gun and a brush to reach the smallest parts and crevices.

Once the trailer has been washed and dried, it is important that you apply a rust prevention spray to the trailer frame. These anti-corrosives repel water and other substances that contribute to the deterioration of metals. It is important to apply it generously so that water doesn’t wash it off. The best reviewed anticorrosive products are 3M Pro Grade, WD-40, Fluid Film Protectant and Lubricant. For nuts and bolts, which are accessories that very exposed to corrosion, there are also special products such as WD-40 or Corrosion X. Remember that you can buy a gallon of this product and then use it with a spray bottle.

Finally, when you are not using the trailer, park it in a dry area where it will not be exposed to rain, which also has a corrosive action.

In this way, washing, applying a rust prevention spray and protecting from the rigors of the weather are three actions to take into account that will help you in your battle against corrosion.