We all know it: a boat trailer means being constantly attentive to all its accessories. One of the main accessories is the boat trailer tires. Sometimes there are users who trust and think that boat trailer tires are like those of their cars. But these two types of tires require different precautions. Remember: traffic accidents, when you have a trailer and a boat behind you can be much more serious.

Here we will tell you what precautions you should take into account so that you do not have problems on the road.

First of all, monitor the life of your tires. If you want, you can write down in a notebook the date of purchase of your tire, since boat trailer tires should be changed every three or four years, even if they don’t look worn out. Also, check the date of manufacture of the tires.

The second point is the use. Do not overuse your tires and protect them. This means do not step on the gas because speed limits must be respected, not only for your safety but also to avoid your tires from wearing out. On the other hand, avoid playing rally driver and avoid submerging your trailer tires in water as much as possible. If you had to submerge the tires in sea water, try to wash them with fresh water to prevent them from deteriorating. On the other hand, before going out on the road, inspect the tires of your boat trailer to avoid mishaps.

The third point is that contrary to car tires, boat trailer tires must be inflated to their maximum pressure taking into account that they must carry the weight of your boat for long distances.

Finally, when washing your trailer, avoid using common soaps or cleaners. Look for special car or boat trailer soaps because common products can be too strong for the tire and can damage it.

Keep these tips in mind so that the tires of your boat trailer do not suffer and you do not have mishaps on the road.