In this post we will conduct a useful question and answer session on the categories into which boat trailer brakes are classified, one of the most complex and important accessories of your boat trailer.

What is an electric over hydraulic brake?

It is an electrically controlled braking system that contains a pump located on the trailer that releases brake fluid to the calipers or drums once the tow vehicle’s brake pedal is pressed down.

What is a surge brake?

This is another type of control braking system. When the towing vehicle decelerates, brake fluid is released to the calipers or drums by the thrust generated by the coupler.

What does disc or drum brake mean?

Disc brakes work with the friction of pads against a disc attached to a wheel. This is the most recommended for boat trailers due to easier wash down and won’t have water penetrate inside. In drum brakes, on the other hand, brake shoes press against the inside of a drum on the wheel. However, drum brakes are not recommended for boat trailers due to water penetration inside the drum and corroding the inside of the brake shoes.

In conclusion, what you have to keep in mind is that one thing is the braking control system (it can be electric over hydraulic or surge) and another is the design of the system (disc or drum). It is important to keep these concepts in mind when choosing the type of brakes for your boat trailer.