A failure in the tires or wheels of the boat trailer, can lead to a serious accident, especially if you are towing the boat on the road.

An accident can cause damage to the vehicle, as well as to your boat, not to mention other vehicles and personal injury.

Tires and rims

There are a number of small things you can do to ensure safety and reliability.

Air pressure

Unlike car tires, trailer tires are designed to be inflated to maximum air pressure.

Low inflation tires may have sidewall failure, as tires may protrude from the sides. Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold, not after they have run. Improper inflation is the primary cause of trailer tire failure.


  • Never exceed the recommended speed.
  • Immerse the tires as little as possible, especially in salt water, as it can degrade the tires. Wash salt water off tires.
  • Inspect your tires before each towing operation and watch for wear signs.


Unlike car tires, trailer tires are designed to be replaced within three to four years, regardless of the amount of tread remaining.

In the event that one of the tires on a dual-axle trailer fails, the two tires on that side should be replaced.


Some household and car cleaners should not be used on trailer tires. They can deteriorate the protective wax on tires, which in turn accelerates the decomposition of the rubber compound. It is recommended that car wash soap be used.


Sunlight wears out the tires. We recommend storing your trailer where it will not get direct sunlight as the ultraviolet rays will kill the rubber in the tires.

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