In this post we will discuss a fundamental accessory for the boat trailer: the jacks also called tongue jacks. Thanks to this equipment you can not only hook and unhook the trailer but you may also move your trailer wherever you want, depending on the size.

Although there are countless brands and designs, there are basically three types of jacks that we will discuss about here. So don’t miss this post to learn about this amazing accessory.

A trailer jack is a structure that raises and lowers the trailer so you can hook it to your vehicle. In addition, jacks with wheels also allow the user to move the heavy empty trailer around in the garage or wherever it is stored.

Remember that the size of your boat trailer determines the jack capacity as well as the type of jack needed. There are three types of trailer jacks: single wheel tongue jacks, dual wheel tongue jacks and foot jacks. Does your trailer come with your favorite jack? Don’t worry: you can purchase the one you want and install it.

Single Wheel tongue jack

This type of Jack comes with a single Wheel and a 1200 lb. Capacity. In other words, it is used for trailers with a GVWR of up to 7000 lbs.

Dual wheel tongue jack

This type of jack is equipped with two linked wheels to carry weights up to 10,000 lbs. GVWR. These are preferred by users because they are ideal for larger boats.

Foot jack

This jack has no wheels but a foot-shaped structure and its capacity is superior to the dual wheel tongue jack and is mainly used for big boats.

Which jack do you like best? In this post we learned about jacks and now we know that it is the weight of the boat that usually determines the type of jack.