When we think about boat trailer brakes, we might think that it is something too obvious that doesn’t require much thought. But in fact it is a subject that should not be underestimated. In this post we will talk about this accessory, which along with the tires is one of the most important.

Key criteria

In numerous reviews, experts agree that there are three key criteria when evaluating the brakes of a boat trailer: 1) The stopping power: not all brands have the same stopping power, which is fundamental when you are carrying heavy boats. 2) Ease of installation: most customers like to do things themselves and there is nothing they like more than a product that is easy to install and hopefully includes an instruction manual as well as accessories such as nuts and bolts. 3) Durability: Disc brakes are made of stainless Steel and marine coated, to resist corrosion and to last for several years.

Surge brakes

Although there are many brands of brakes, two types of brakes dominate the market: surge brakes and electric over hydraulic brakes.

In surge brakes the deceleration of the towing vehicle activates the coupler which causes brake fluid to be sent to the calipers to stop the trailer.

One thing to note is that the coupler must be compressed in the housing by the momentum for this type of brake to work.

Electric over hydraulic brakes

These types of brakes have a pump on the trailer with brake fluid. When the brake pedal is activated, the pump releases a flow of brake fluid which puts the brakes into operation.

With this type of brake, it is important to have a controller that allows you to monitor the braking ability.

Keeping these points in mind can be a good start when choosing brakes for your trailer.

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