With the “E” Class driving license, which is the most common non-commercial Driver’s License, you can tow up to a total weight (GVWR) of 26,000 Lbs. You should know what the weight of the car is, since the sum of all (boat, trailer and truck) must be less than 26,000 Lbs., otherwise you will need a Commercial Driver’s License in order to move your own boat or have a Commercial driver to move it for you.

In case your boat and trailer passes allowed weight, you should get an expert advice to comply with all regulations.

If the total towed weight exceeds 20,000 Lbs., you must use a trailer with Electric/Hydraulic brake system. Also, be aware that the Law in most of the States requires brake system on all axles in any trailer that exceeds the GVWR of 3,000 lbs (combination boat and trailer).

Trailers with brakes will always be the best option when traveling and you should take into account that they will need more attention and constant maintenance to keep them in good and working condition.

We hope this article has been useful to help you avoid problems or solve the existing problems you may have been experiencing.

If you have concerns regarding the requirements to transport your boat in your state, please contact your local Motor and Vehicle Department.

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