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About Bad 2D Bone Trailers

We assemble aluminum boat trailers for all the United States Territory and for international customers. For your convenience we offer trailer disassembly and palletized for shipping purposes along with delivery to major ports within the United States, complying with international regulations. We provide full service and maintenance to any new and used trailers. We offer boat trailer adjustments. We have boat trailer parts and accessories available. We offer free Trade-In estimates with purchase of new aluminum boat trailer. We offer loyalty discount and dealer pricing. We offer high quality aluminum boat trailers with the best service available.

Travel safely with your trailer

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS we give you important recommendations so that you can travel safely with your boat trailer.When going on vacation with your family or just a day of fishing please consider the following:Having a mechanical jack for your boat trailer will help stabilize the trailer when it is parked.Have guide accessories to [...]


Our clients, Our family

In Bad 2d Bone Trailers we work hand in hand with our clients to offer the best service and advice in the whole process of choosing and buying their boat trailer. We have the boat trailer for every boat and every need. We offer products that fit different budgets. You will find incredible prices [...]


Custom boat trailers

Do you want a boat trailer that makes it easy to transport your boat and will not rust when exposed to the sun and salt water? A trailer that you can tow your boat easily without problems and suits all your needs? Well, you have found the right company. Welcome to Bad 2d Bone [...]

  • Best boat trailer for you

How to choose the right boat trailers

The right choice of a boat trailer will make your life easier and safer every time your boat is moved from one place to another. In Bad2D Bone Trailers we recommend using torsion axles, providing a smoother ride. Torsion axles are Maintenance free. Service your wheel bearings and that’s it! They have great corrosion [...]

  • Maintenance boat trailers

Maintenance of boat trailers

Although the boat trailer is an essential element to transport your boat, some people do not take care of it how they should, affirming that the boat trailer has had little use during the year and focus solely on maintaining the truck that will pull it. This is a serious mistake, because what is [...]