Wheels are obviously one of the most important parts of your boat trailer; all its elements must be checked and replaced regularly. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive task and with it our trailer will gain in safety as well as in aesthetics.

One of the most important parts of the wheel are the hubs.

The steps to follow to change a hub are as follows:

  • We will start by lifting the boat trailer.
  • We turn the wheel, checking that there is no noise with the friction system and the cross assembly. In case we notice any anomaly, we should proceed to change the wheel bearings.
  • Remove the tire.
  • Remove the cover from the center of the hub and remove the nut that is inside it. Hub should slide out easily.
  • Clean and inspect the spindle on the axle to make sure there are no damages.
  • Remove the rear seal and the rear bearing from the hub
  • Install a new rear bearing making sure you completely grease the bearing first and then install a new seal on the hub
  • Remove the front bearing and install a new completely greased bearing on the hub
  • Slide the hub back onto the spindle.
  • Install the washer, nut and cotter pin to secure the nut. The nut should be tightened thoroughly and then loosened by a quarter turn, so as not to lock the bearing.
  • Put a new cover that will protect the bearings from dust and water.

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