At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS we give you important recommendations so that you can travel safely with your boat trailer.
When going on vacation with your family or just a day of fishing please consider the following:

  • Having a mechanical jack for your boat trailer will help stabilize the trailer when it is parked.
  • Have guide accessories to avoid incidents at boat ramps.
  • A spare tire carrier with the spare tire will help delays on roadside in case of a flat tire.

By following the recommendations above, you can avoid situations that you would normally not be prepared for.
It is important to check regularly that everything is in worker order: check the conditions of the tires, the hook, the brakes and the lights of your boat trailer.

Surveys and safety campaigns that are carried out every year show that the majority of people who travel with their boat trailers do not make the necessary inspections before their departure. Remember that correct use and responsible transportation will allow you to drive safely.

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