The ability to tow your boat opens up a world of adventures on board.

Be prepared:

  • When buying a new boat, don’t skimp on the boat trailer … remember that your boat will spend much of its life on the trailer.
  • Trailers should be inspected at the beginning of each boating season. An annual inspection and routine maintenance will help protect their value.
  • To ensure your safety on the road, have a routine checklist to perform before each trip.
  • Check all nuts and bolts to make sure they are tight. The tow ball and coupler must be the same size.
  • Inspect the hitch and safety chains.
  • Be sure to check the tires, as improperly inflated tires can cause steering difficulties and blow outs.
  • Adjust tie-downs and lower unit brackets to prevent your boat from bouncing on the trailer.
  • Use rope, chain or turnbuckle in addition to the winch to secure the bow.
  • The loading position of the trailer is crucial.
  • Distribute weight as evenly as possible, front to back and side to side, keeping 55-60 percent in the front half.
  • To avoid fishtailing, avoid placing too much weight on the rear of the trailer, which can reduce traction and even lift the tow vehicle’s rear wheels off the ground.
  •  Inspect the trailer wheel bearings to make sure they are tight and filled with new grease.
  • Check lights and brakes both on the trailer and tow vehicle.

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