The coronavirus has changed our routine and when it comes to sailing, it is also important to carry out security measures.

BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS wants to give you some tips to navigate in the safest way

Boating is one of the safest activities because it allows for social distancing and can be practiced in small groups of people. It is ideal to enjoy with family or groups of friends.

However, due to the situation we must comply with certain safety measures to protect ourselves and those around us.

Non-contact thermometer

No one should get on a boat while they are sick or have any symptoms. Therefore, before getting on board, it is advisable to take the temperature of each crew member to ensure that, in principle, none of them is infected and does not pose any risk to the others. The best way to do this is to use an infrared thermometer, since it allows to take the temperature of each person without contact with them.

Shoe basket with disinfecting spray

Shoes contain many germs and microbes because they are in full contact with the ground. Therefore, before boarding the boat, it is also a good idea to place the shoes in a waterproof basket. This way, no crew member’s shoes will be in contact with the boat, so that the boat will not be contaminated. It is also advisable to have a bottle of disinfecting spray next to the basket so that each person can spray their shoes before adding them inside. In addition to this spray, it would be recommended to have a hand sanitizer gel to wash your hands once you have stored your shoes, as well as a cleaning and disinfecting kit for the boat in general.

Colored glasses and cutlery

Boat trips are usually accompanied by meals and various snacks. To avoid confusion of glasses and cutlery or plates between the different passengers, it is advisable to always have glasses, plates and cutlery of different colors on board. No matter how familiar the crew is, it is important that each person uses only his or her own belongings, so that we can make sure that no crew member will make a mistake and drink water from another partner’s glass. The only thing each person on board should do is not to forget what his or her color is!

Clean face masks

Having a few clean and well kept face masks on board is important so that the entire crew can have them as soon as they are needed.

Disinfecting wipes in airtight containers

Keeping disinfecting wipes in a zippered bag, or in any airtight sealed container is the ideal way to keep them properly. This way, they will always remain moist and are easy to place on the boat within reach of the entire crew.

BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS has the best options of boat trailers for you to travel with your family, remember to take into account all safety measures.

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