Lights are one of the most searched accessories on the Internet by boat trailer owners. That’s why useful information and reviews about these accessories matters. Here we will tell you which criteria are the most evaluated in light kits.

All brands offer light kits that meet different needs of boaters depending on various factors, for example, the trailer structure, whether they sail in fresh or salt water and even peoples preferences. In addition, it is important to know that although there are buyers who are still loyal to incandescent lights, LED lights are becoming more and more popular in the market.

When rating products, consumers and experts themselves take several factors into account. The first is value versus price. While custom and luxury light kits are available, most consumers look for high quality, competitively priced lights. High quality means durability and lighting power at night and in poor lighting conditions such as fog or rain.

The second criteria is submersibility. Virtually all of the top-ranked brands offer submersible kits. This does not mean that this feature should be abused but that they offer resistance to water exposure.

Finally, the third criteria is multifunctionality. All kits offer the basic functions but there are kits that meet particular needs: brake lights, clearance lights for boat trailers and even lights for licence plates.

Other criteria evaluated are adaptability and ease of installation, specially by consumers who like to install and repair accessories themselves.

As we have seen, the best brands of lights have adapted to a very competitive market that seeks to meet the diverse needs of boat trailer owners.

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