When going on a long trip, we at BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS recommend that your boat be securely tied down.

Just as we use seat belts, we suggest that you secure your boat and that the stern is attached to the trailer, although it may not be noticeable, you can really feel the difference when you are behind the wheel. The boat and trailer move as one, and if you ever find yourself in a situation involving a panic stop, or worse, a collision, there is one less moving object in play.

If your boat trailer has no way to secure the stern, you can purchase suitable straps that will allow you to perform this action safely. Considering a good bow attachment point. That means a crank mechanism, roller, strap and sound bow eye.

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, we provide you with different options to keep your boat safe and to be able to travel safely on your boat trailer.

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