Boat trailer maintenance is a simple task. However, if you ignore little details, you may be disappointed in the future.

Your boat trailer should give you years of service, but you should perform regular maintenance to keep it working properly.

A freshwater rinse after every launch will prevent all trailer components from rusting and corroding prematurely.

A quarterly spray with corrosion inhibitor on you’re your trailer will also prevent more corrosion.

Boat trailers live in two notoriously hostile environments: on the road and on the water.

That means regular maintenance, especially of bearings, brakes and wiring, is crucial to keeping them safe and thereby in compliance with the regulations.

Tires are also a critical component and must be checked often. Make sure the tire is neither overinflated nor underinflated, and that the weight of the trailer does not exceed its capacity.

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, we manufacture aluminum boat trailers and also service your current boat trailer.

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