All lights installed on your boat trailer leave the manufacturing facility functioning properly and are 100% inspected on each boat trailer.

In the event that a light or lights do not work, it could be the result of a blown fuse on the tow vehicle or there could be a problem with the wiring harness on your trailer.

Boat trailer lights

Check that your trailer harness plug is securely connected. Make sure the harness wires are clean and make proper contact. If your boat trailer has a swivel tongue, make sure the wiring harness inside the tongue is not pinched.

An exposed bare wire on the trailer frame may cause some of the lights not to work.

If you have any problems with your boat trailer or something is not working right, please contact us.

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, we repair and make maintenance to your boat trailer so that it travels safely without any inconvenience.

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