Although the boat trailer is an essential element to transport your boat, some people do not take care of it how they should, affirming that the boat trailer has had little use during the year and focus solely on maintaining the truck that will pull it.

This is a serious mistake, because what is scheduled to be a great day could result in being a complete headache simply for not having maintained it as recommended.

Even if an accident occurs at low speed it could have disastrous consequences as: boat breakage, overturning of the truck, boat and trailer and the most delicate, could endanger the life and safety of passengers and others.

For this reason at Bad 2D Bone Trailers we want to raise awareness among users of the importance of maintenance and mention some aspects to take into account to have your boat trailer in good condition.


When the truck brakes, the independent hydraulic brake system on the trailer activates all brake components. Boat trailer brakes are not dependent on the truck brakes. For this reason, boat trailer brakes should be checked before every trip and serviced at least once a year.


On the trailer, where the keel rests, there are a series of brackets holding the woods of your trailer that support the hull providing stability. Prior to

Any trip, both, bunks and brackets must be checked since with wear they can tear and even break.


Keep the bearings greased and take them apart and service them at least once per year, regardless if you think that your boat and trailer is not being used as much as you think.  It can prevent the loss of valuable boating time and expensive mobile repair services.


Nothing kills electrical components faster than saltwater. Inspect lights before each use.

You’ll need to maintain electrical wiring that will be immersed in saltwater. Before you trailer your boat, always perform a walk-around light inspection. Checking the lights requires connecting the tow vehicle to the trailer with a helper to work the controls for the turn signals, taillights and brake lights. You should perform a through light inspection at least once a year to prevent corrosion and short circuit on your trailer.

Do not delay, contact Bad 2D Bone Trailers to perform the maintenance of your boat trailer. We have specialized technicians and equipment to provide maintenance and First class repairs.