It is extremely important that when we load the boat onto the boat trailer we are fully focused and attentive to what we are doing, because even a small mistake can be a major problem.

In BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, Aluminum Boat Trailers we present you the following points to take into account:

– First, position the supports so that the weight of the boat is correctly distributed on the trailer.

– Check that the center of gravity of the structure is as low and centered as possible.

– The boat must always rest on its structural parts

– The greatest weight should be placed on the trailer axle(s).

– Try not to overload the boat. Carry only what is necessary and make sure that everything is anchored to avoid dangerous movements.

– Attach the boat to the winch cable and strap it to keep it stable throughout the journey.

– If an object overhangs, you have to display a red flag of 40 x 40 if it is during the day or a red light if you drive during the night.

– Before leaving we recommend you to check the hooks.

BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, Aluminum Boat Trailers, we provide full service and maintenance to any new and used trailers, we offer boat trailer adjustments and we have boat trailer parts and accessories available.

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