At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS we know that the damages to the boat trailer can be frequent and are generally related to bearing, axles, and tire failure.

Due to the above and the frequency with which these problems happen, BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS recommends to take the necessary precautions and keep a toolkit to avoid delays in case of suffering a setback with your boat trailer.

The first step is to prevent, so before going out for a ride with your trailer make sure of the following:

  1. Wheel bearings
  • Check the tread.
  • Remove and clean the wheel bearings and check for signs of overheating or wear. Replace bearings if needed.
  • Lift the trailer with a jack and spin the wheel, if it produces any sound it means that there might be a problem.
  • Make sure your boat trailer is well lubricated so that the bearings are fully protected.
  1. Axles

The axles fail due to the deterioration that accumulates over time and bad bearings. To prevent incidents with the axles of your boat trailer, you must be alert to the signs of corrosion like rust spots and bearing noises.

  1. Tire change
  • You must monitor the air pressure in the tires of your boat trailer and their condition. The recommended pressure is printed on the side wall. The low pressure causes excessive flank flexion and heat accumulation, which leads to premature failure. If you have cracks or bumps, tires should be replaced as soon as possible.

While prevention is important, you must never forget your toolkit to be able to solve any unexpected situations.

The kit must include:

– Gloves and safety equipment (fluorescent warnings)

– Lantern

– Hydraulic jack

– Wheel chocks

– Spanner and pliers

– Hammer

– Rags

– Small Air compressor

– Wheel bearings, screws, nuts, etc.

– Grease

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