Each boat ramp will be a little different when launching depending on how steep it is.

Back the trailer in the water

The style of the hull will also influence the launch, but in general, you will want to back the trailer until the middle of the fender is just under the water.

This will allow the boat to float on the back of the trailer. Backing the trailer too far into the water can cause the boat to swerve uncontrollably and potentially cause damage to the boat. Be sure to have a bow line secured to the bow of the boat when unloading.

When loading the boat, it is important to ensure that the bunks are raised enough to properly seat the boat on the trailer.

Start by backing up the trailer in the water and submerging the carpeted bunks completely in the water.

Pull forward until approximately 6 to 8 inches of the center berths protrude from the water. It is important to have the bunks wet to help the boat climb onto the trailer.

You may have to play around with each ramp a little bit to find the optimal spot to load the boat onto the trailer.

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