The right choice of a boat trailer will make your life easier and safer every time your boat is moved from one place to another.

In Bad2D Bone Trailers we recommend using torsion axles, providing a smoother ride. Torsion axles are Maintenance free. Service your wheel bearings and that’s it! They have great corrosion resistance, as torsion axles are usually galvanized inside and out and Warranty typically lasts longer than leaf spring axles.

We also provide low and wide trailers with many benefits. Low boat trailers allow your boat to approach the ground, lowering its center of gravity, generating more and better trailer stability, and low wind resistance.
Not everyone who needs to buy a boat trailer knows how to choose it or which of the boat trailers is the one that will work best with their boat, so at Bad 2D Bone Trailers we made this article with some tips and recommendations that will guide you through the process.

  • Best boat trailer for you
  • Best boat trailer for you
  • Best boat trailer for you

All boats and boat ramps are different; this is why it is important to consider some basic points before choosing the boat trailer right for you.

Determine the following before selecting any of our boat trailers:

1) Consider the total weight of the boat.

When we talk about total weight, we refer to the boat with engines, fuel, water and any other additional equipment. This Weight will determine the capacity of the boat trailer that fits your needs. Remember that All our boat trailers are manufactured to carry a predetermined weight and should not Be overloaded.

2) Consider the length of the boat and make sure that the measurements are consistent with the boat trailer.

3) We recommend choosing an aluminum boat trailer, since these do not present deterioration over time. We have specialized in assembling aluminum boat trailers, with a wide variety of sizes ranging from 10 ′ to 50 ′.
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4) Consider space and dimensions where the boat and trailer will be stored.

Keep in mind that you may have restrictions on trailer length, height or width in order to store it. We can make your trailer fit any space you need, providing different options to make it work just right for you.

With all the previous recommendations, we are sure that you already have a clear idea of the most important points when buying a boat trailer.

We are here to provide you with the best experience in your choice and purchase.