If the boat trailer has a gross weight of more than 3,000 pounds, the brakes are safety features that must be included.

There are two types of brakes for boat trailers, electric/hydraulic and surge. It all depends on the needs and preferences of each person:

Electric/hydraulic brakes have a pump on the trailer that as soon as you press the brakes on the tow vehicle, the pump sends the signal to release brake fluid to the calipers. Surge brakes on the other hand, rely on the coupling between the trailer and the tow vehicle. Once the tow vehicle slows down the momentum from the moving trailer pushes the coupler and hence sending brake fluid to the calipers and stops the trailer.

Both the electric/hydraulic and surge trailer brakes serve the same purpose, and that is to prevent the trailer from moving when necessary. However, electric hydraulic brakes require the tow vehicle to have a controller to control the braking capacity.

Some people prefer electric/hydraulic brakes because they will travel on mountainous areas and they work both up and down hill. Surge brakes only work when the coupler is compressed into the casing by momentum.

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