In addition to cleaning after each use to prevent corrosion, it is advisable to have a complete and thorough check of the boat trailer every few months.

To do this, it will be dismantled as far as possible and the condition of each element will be checked:

  • Bearings must be lubricated with a grease pump after every trip.
  • Hitch system: Coupler that joins the trailer to the vehicle must be cleaned to remove any traces of dirt and checked for any damages.
  • Winch: the winch must be unwound completely, to check its condition and the possible existence of any broken strap. It goes without saying that the moment we observe any trace of wear we should proceed to change that part: if a strap were to break during a launch the results could be very serious.

When reassembling it, we must keep the strap tight so that it can be wound up well.

  • The wheels: without a doubt a key element of the trailer and therefore requires special attention. The wheel hubs must be greased and changed frequently.
  • When checking the wheels, do not forget the spare wheel, which must be in perfect condition.
  • Brakes: Everybody knows that the brakes are one of the most important parts of the trailer. It is essential that they work properly to ensure proper movement with the vehicle.
  • Check the tightness of all the screws, and take the opportunity to grease the nuts and bolts (don’t forget those of the spare wheel).
  • Check the pressure of the tires
  • Check all the lights

Obviously, if you notice at any of these points that something is not completely working or shows any sign of deterioration, you should consider changing it.

We must bear in mind that all the elements must be lubricated for them to work perfectly.

Finally, spray the electrical connections to prevent corrosion.

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