Painted trailers are suitable for freshwater use and are the lowest cost option of the three. Painted trailers can be more visually appealing than galvanized trailers and, in some cases, will match the color of the boat.

Galvanized trailers are suitable for saltwater use, as they offer some corrosion resistance. All surfaces of the trailer are coated  with galvanizing compound rather than just the painted surfaces.  Galvanization will lose luster over time and may not be as visually appealing as painted or aluminum trailers. Galvanized trailers are a higher cost option than painted trailers, but will last a bit  longer under normal conditions than painted trailers.

Aluminum boat trailers are suitable for use in salt water, as they offer extreme resistance to corrosion. Aluminum boat trailers are much lighter than painted or galvanized equivalents, which reduces the overall load of the tow vehicle. In terms of appearance, aluminum is very attractive from the date of purchase and for years to come. In most cases, aluminum trailers are the higher cost option, but the best investment you can make.

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