After buying your pontoon boat itself, buying a trailer is a challenging for many pontoon boat owners.

Let’s start with the frame:

Out pontoon boat trailers are built out of  aluminum. Aluminum is more expensive, but it is naturally rust resistant and it weighs less than steel frames. This means better fuel economy and less wear on the tow vehicle.

Pontoon Boat Trailers can have one, two or three axles. Single axle trailers are more economical and work better off-road. Tandem and triple axle trailers  can carry heavier boats and travel better on the road. However, they are also heavier, cost a little more and require maintenance to the brakes.

Remember, if the boat and trailer together weigh 3000 lbs. or more, then the trailer must have brakes. Brakes can be disc w/ surge actuator or with electric/hydraulic actuator,  which are operated by the tow vehicle’s brake controller.

Our trailers come with Torsion axles which are rotating  rods hidden inside the axle. They are more resistant to rust and provide a smoother ride.

Make sure that the wiring is securely attached to the frame and that all connections and splices are protected by a heat shrink connector. All our lights are LED not the old-fashioned bulb.

If you have the option, choose radial tires instead of bias tires, They handle better on the road and last longer. Also, larger tires help with longer bearing life and provide a smoother ride, but they raise the trailer, requiring the trailer to back up more in the water before the boat can float off.

If you are looking for a Pontoon Boat Trailer, contact us and we will provide you with the best options for your needs.