Much is said about trailer frames and discussions about materials, styles and capacities are frequent. However, you should keep in mind that wheels and rims are accessories that also deserve attention.  Here we will address some essential points for both rims and tires.

First of all, you should know that there are basically two types of materials for rims: aluminum rims and steel rims. Both are very durable and resistant but there are some important differences: firstly, aluminum rims are more resistant to seawater corrosion and secondly, these types of rims, being luxury accessories, can be customized.

Although the best way to protect tires and rims is to avoid submersion in water, especially saltwater, if you know beforehand that you are going to have to do so, it is best to use aluminum rims. Don’t forget after each submersion in fresh or salt water, to rinse tires, rims, lights and parts of the frame that have been exposed to water.

Similar precautions should be taken with tires: avoid submersion but if it wasn’t possible rinse with tap water. When you purchase tires you should check their useful life, i.e., note the date of purchase since boat trailer tires should be changed every three years.

Other precautions to take into account are to inflate the tires of your trailer to maximum pressure, which will be useful particularly on long trips, and to respect the speed limits to avoid wearing out your tires.

Keeping these technical recommendations in mind will prolong the life of both your tires and rims.

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