The winch straps should be inspected and replaced if they show signs of fraying, chafing or discoloration.

If you think you might break a strap when pulling the boat onto the trailer, you may not be far enough in the water. See your dealer for help with this.

Coat all parts with a good quality corrosion inhibitor. Nuts, brake parts (not where pads contact rotor). Lubricate tongue jack, winch and coupler mechanisms with a spray lubricant.

Always check that your lights are working properly before each trip. A good tip is to purchase a test plug that inserts into your vehicle’s trailer jack connector. This tests the vehicle and allows you to easily isolate a problem.

Be sure to secure your boat well so that it does not move back and forth on the trailer.

You can use ratchet straps to do this quickly and easily.


Verify that the coupler is secure on the ball and that a safety pin is installed to prevent the coupler from opening on its own. Cross the safety chains and make sure they are securely on the vehicle’s hitch point. Always check tires for proper tire pressure, overheating or uneven wear at any fuel stop.

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