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Should I choose an aluminum boat trailer?

There are two materials from which to build a boat trailer: steel and aluminum. Obviously, steel is usually stronger, but because it is a ferrous metal, it will rust. Aluminum if not properly cared [...]

Safety of your boat trailer

When going on a long trip, we at BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS recommend that your boat be securely tied down. Just as we use seat belts, we suggest that you secure your boat and that [...]

Boat trailers for sale

When we go to buy boats, we look at the boat in detail. We examine its condition and whether it will meet our needs. On the other hand, we probably don't pay as much attention [...]

How to inspect and maintain the boat trailer

Reserve an additional 15 to 20 minutes before your next boat adventure to properly maintain and inspect your boat trailer. Here's what you may need: Corrosion protection spray Water Displacement Lubricant Brake Fluid Hub [...]

Types of finishes

The finish of your trailer, not only enhances the beauty of the trailer, but also the appearance and  durability. This is because the type of trailer finishing can determine whether the boat will perform [...]

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