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Our clients, Our family

In Bad 2d Bone Trailers we work hand in hand with our clients to offer the best service and advice in the whole process of choosing and buying their boat trailer. We have the [...]

Custom boat trailers

Do you want a boat trailer that makes it easy to transport your boat and will not rust when exposed to the sun and salt water? A trailer that you can tow your boat [...]

  • Best boat trailer for you

How to choose the right boat trailers

The right choice of a boat trailer will make your life easier and safer every time your boat is moved from one place to another. In Bad2D Bone Trailers we recommend using torsion axles, [...]

  • Maintenance boat trailers

Maintenance of boat trailers

Although the boat trailer is an essential element to transport your boat, some people do not take care of it how they should, affirming that the boat trailer has had little use during the [...]

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