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  • Single Axle vs Tandem Axle | Boat trailer

Single Axle vs. Multiple Axles

Trailers have different classifications of axles. Single axles that have one set of wheels, tandem axles that have four wheels and triple axles that have six wheels. Depending on the size and weight of [...]

  • Small boat trailer

Small boat trailer

The small boats have a wide variety of engine types and hull designs and no trailer fits all small boats alike. That's why at BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS we design trailers that support boats [...]

  • Custom boat trailer

Custom boat trailers and style

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS each boat trailer is made to order, so we can customize a trailer for the look and functionality desired by our customer. We offer numerous options and accessories allowing [...]

  • Pontoom boat trailer

Choosing a Pontoon Boat Trailer

After buying your pontoon boat itself, buying a trailer is a challenging for many pontoon boat owners. Let's start with the frame: Out pontoon boat trailers are built out of  aluminum. Aluminum is more expensive, [...]

  • sail boat trailer

Sailboat Tráiler

All sailboats are diverse and unique and for that reason it is important  that your boat's trailer fits your boat’s hull and keel. Whether your keel is a swing, full, fixed, shallow or retractable, [...]

  • Boat Trailers sign

Signs on Nautical Trailers what should you use?

We know how important it is to respect safety rules, especially if you are transporting a boat on a trailer. At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, we can guide you know learn about boat trailers, [...]

  • Boat trailer tites and rims

Boat trailer tires and rims

A failure in the tires or wheels of the boat trailer, can lead to a serious accident, especially if you are towing the boat on the road. An accident can cause damage to the [...]

  • Boat trailer | Oakland Park, Florida

Boat trailers a la carte

Sailing enthusiasts seek, in addition to the peace and tranquility that the sea transmits, access to nautical tools and accessories of the highest quality so that the experience from the moment of moving all [...]

  • Boat Trailer leds

Advantages of using LED light for your boat trailer

Many boat trailers now come equipped with LED lights. Aside from the initial cost of LEDs, which is slightly higher than traditional incandescent bulbs, there are few advantages to the new technology, especially for [...]

  • Boat trailer | Oakland Park, Florida

Tips for boat social distancing

The coronavirus has changed our routine and when it comes to sailing, it is also important to carry out security measures. BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS wants to give you some tips to navigate in [...]

  • Boat trailers florida

Loading the boat

It is extremely important that when we load the boat onto the boat trailer we are fully focused and attentive to what we are doing, because even a small mistake can be a major [...]

  • Tandem torsion axle trailer

Loading and unloading systems

The loading and unloading system is the one that allows the boat trailer to adapt correctly to the boat so that the weight is distributed correctly, through a series of adjustable supports. In most [...]

  • BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, Aluminum Boat Trailers

Driving with a boat trailer

At first sight it seems that driving a vehicle with a boat trailer is easy, but you have to be careful to avoid accidents. In BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS, Aluminum Boat Trailers we want [...]

  • Aluminum boat trailers | Boat trailers



  • Boat trailer | Oakland Park, Florida

¿How to tow your boat?

Having your own boat trailer gives you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want, to get to know new coasts and have great experiences. You can also take your boat out of [...]

  • Boat trailer | Oakland Park, Florida

How to avoid damage to your boat trailer

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS we know that the damages to the boat trailer can be frequent and are generally related to bearing, axles, and tire failure. Due to the above and the frequency with [...]

  • Boat trailers | Services

Travel safely with your trailer

At BAD 2D BONE TRAILERS we give you important recommendations so that you can travel safely with your boat trailer.When going on vacation with your family or just a day of fishing please consider the [...]

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