A very useful proverb says forewarned is forearmed. This applies to all contexts of life and in particular if you have a boat trailer that you have managed to acquire after many sacrifices. How we love to use it and embark on long trips with our boat to enjoy the waters of the country. However, we must be cautious and periodically perform maintenance on the boat trailer not only to prevent it from wearing out but also to avoid accidents on the road. We have divided the entry into sections to make the information more accessible.


Boat trailer tires should be changed every three years. The first tip we can give you is to always inflate them to maximum pressure. Also, wash them everytime you go in saltwater or even fresh water. There are special products that extend their life and protect them from wear and tear. Finally, avoid exceeding the established speed limits, as this is the factor that wears out the tire rubber the most.

Metals: frame and rims

Regardless of whether the metal of the frame or rims is aluminum or steel, it is important that after each immersion, especially in salt water, it is washed as much as possible. It is also important to apply a good coat of anti-corrosive to the frame to prevent wear. This also applies to nuts and bolts, which are accessories that should be well protected.


Lights should be washed after exposure to water and periodically the wiring should be looked at.


Whether the trailer is in motion or parked for long periods of time, it is important that the bearings be greased periodically as this prevents corrosion and allows the various parts to be properly lubricated.

As a last recommendation,  have your trailer checked by a professional to extend its life. Remember that it is not only a matter of protection but in the future you can sell your trailer and it is important that it is in optimal conditions.

At Bad 2D Bone Trailers we offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for both new and used trailers.